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Note: Race replays for picnic meetings are provided on the PicnicBet facebook page, usually on the evening of the meeting or the next day. Click on the Facebook icon below to access and "Like" the page to receive notifications when available.

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Welcome to PicnicBet.com - the Betting Ring, a Victorian based bookmaking service since 1981 can provide you with all your picnic betting requirements. PicnicBet.com is registered and guaranteed by the Victorian Bookmakers Association and governed by the V.B.A. code of conduct.

With approximately 20% of Picnic Racing patrons being first time racegoers some newcomers are hesitant to place a bet with Bookmakers, believing they are only there for the big punters. This is far from the truth. You don't have to be a big punter to place a bet with a Bookmaker. PicncBet.com and staff are happy to answer any of your enquiries regarding odds (dividends). All you have to do is ask.

Specialising in betting on the Victorian Picnic Racing circuit we are committed to providing you with the best product and customer service. A full range of betting options are available that include Win Only, Win/Place, Place Only and Quinella betting.

For your convenience, you can place all your picnic race bets at the start of the day. When betting this way you receive the best dividend/price bet by PicnicBet.com during the course of betting. A great way to relax back and enjoy the races knowing the winners you back will return the best dividends.

If you cannot make it to the betting ring then we provide a Phone Betting service for your convenience. You can place all of your bets using our Top Fluctuation option and receive the best dividend/price bet by PicnicBet.com during the course of betting. This a great option for trainers and connections that are not able to make it to the betting ring. Click here to open a phone account.

Under the Racing Victorian telephone betting rules PicnicBet.com is only permitted to receive bets over the Telephone Betting System while present on a racecourse. PicnicBet.com field at all Victorian picnic meetings bar Buchan, Swifts Creek and Hinnomunjie and are generally setup to receive bets by midday on the day of racing.

In a horse race, while all horses have a chance, not all horses are considered as being equally likely to win - that's what makes betting on the races so exciting. Bookmakers give their assessment of a horse's chance in a race by putting up their betting market or dividends display. It is to the punter's advantage to have an idea of what is a good price about their selection and to place their wager with the Bookmaker with the best dividend on offer.

PicnicBet.comUnlike betting with a totalizator (tote), placing a bet with a Bookmaker guarantees a fixed dividend return based on the odds at the time of placing the bet. Tote betting works on a betting pool where the odds fluctuate with the final dividend dependant on how many bets are placed on the winner divided into the total betting pool.

A Bookmaker's betting board displays the dividend that a Bookmaker is offering for a horse in that particular race. For example, a "5" beside a horse's name on a Bookmaker's board means they are offering a price (dividend) of five dollars for that horse to win (odds of 4 to 1).

When betting win only if you bet $1 on Phar Lap at $9 (odds of 8 to 1) your investment is $1 and if he wins you collect $9 from the Bookmaker, which consists of the $1 you invested plus the $8 you have won.

If you bet $1 Win/Place on Phar Lap at $9 Win $3 Place (odds of 8 to 1) your investment is $2 ($1 for a win, $1 for a place). If Phar Lap wins you collect $12. This represents $9 for your $1 win investment and also $3 for your $1 place investment i.e. a $2 win plus your $1 investment). If Phar Lap runs second or third you lose your win bet of $1 but collect your place bet of $1 for a total collect of $3.
Where there are less than eight runners in a race, the Bookmaker pays out only on first and second.

Quinella Betting
Quinella betting requires you to select two horses in a race. For the bet to win both horses must run either first or second. If your selections run 1st and 2nd in any order then you will collect on a winning combination.

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